An issue with some gamblers is their lack of discipline in maintaining a bankroll. They go broke playing casino games unnecessarily. Often, it could be completely avoided and is the result of a bad habit or foolish decision. To spare some of you the shame of going bust in the future, we are going to share four tips on how to maintain a bankroll for gambling. If you follow our advice, you should have a better shot of keeping a roll longer.

1) Play Sober

Drinking while gambling is a common trait, isn’t it? Stroll into any casino and you’ll see people drinking beer, wine or spirits while they play. There’s nothing wrong with drinking per se but if you want to do well in a session, it’s a good idea to keep a clear head and this is easier when sober. Therefore, we urge our readers to abstain from alcohol when gambling. It will help prevent you from playing too long or making reckless wagers.

2) Set Stop Loss Limits

Knowing when to end a session is tricky for some. They either play a fixed number of hours or finish when their money is gone. However, a good way to maintain your bankroll is to set limits when you play. If you say “I am leaving if I lose $50”, and stick to it, you will save potential losses and be able to return and gamble in the future. Setting stop loss limits is also a gambling addiction prevention tactic as you won’t chase losses.

3) Play With a Small Percentage of Bankroll

Another shrewd way to gamble is to always play with a low overall percentage of your bankroll. So, if you have $500 set aside for gambling, only bring 10% of it to the game. Therefore, even if you lose it all, you have 90% of your bankroll back home or in a bank account and available to play in the future.

4)Keep Eye Out for Bonuses

Fortunately, the casino world is full of promotional offers like free spins or reload bonuses. You can find some of the most lucrative online casino bonuses Malaysia around if you are subscribed to relevant sites. Bonuses are an effective way of propping up your bankroll and maintaining your account balance, letting you play in the present and future. As such, we recommend you keep a keen eye out for any and all available casino bonuses.